Easter Egg Bath Bomb Set

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Easter Egg Bomb Set

Hippity-Hoppity hop, hop, hop goes the bunny down the road. Oops! Looks like he left behind a carton fill of egg-tastic filled treasure egg bombers to enjoy in the bath this April. Fun gift for all that love the bath.

3 oz Nt. Wt. / 6 fizz egg bomb + gelatin pill sponges

ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, avocado oil, fragrance, cream of tartar, buttermilk powder*, polysorbate 80, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium cocoyl isoethionate, water, fd&c al. lakes (yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1), d&c al. lakes (yellow 10, red 27, red 21), mica, titanium dioxide, gelatin sponges

*Not dairy free, avoid if allergic.